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Within todays market, some might think we are not the best, but that’s okay, maybe we are not, however, everyday we do our best to become the ones and we are proud of the work we do. We are divers, we are enthusiasts and we test each model ourselves to eliminate even the smallest imperfections or flaws. That’s what differs us from others. Each piece of equipment leaving our workshop has been carefully hand-inspected before handing it to you and that’s the way we ensure you always get the best product we are able to manufacture – and thats’s not all – you wanna talk to us? We are here for you, because our customer is our no. 1 priority.

Making DIR affordable and conserving top notch quality – that’s our point.

premium materials. outstanding quality.

To maintain the highest quality of our products, we need to use the best materials out there. For the best technical performance and durability in the long-run, we use so-called “Cortex-knit” fabrics, which are commonly known as “Cordura”, since that’s the most recognized technical fabrics brand on the market, however we wanted to stay as local, as posible. Therefore, our choice of fabrics went down to 100% PES KORTEXIN, which is a lineup of absolutely magnificent heavy-duty fabrics produced by Kinetic in Czech republic and since the very first tests, it has proven its attributes as an essential solution for diving accessories production. For perfectly durable seams, we use 100% PES thick threads, which are UV and mold resistant as well as our fabrics. All of the production materials are made exclusively in Slovakia, Czech republic or Poland, so our production stays 100% European.

We create customized top notch performance products keeping DIR principles and philosophy in mind.

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